Sunday, October 9, 2011


Mealtime is our Friday night ministry to 5th grade - high school kids. Each Square Peg leader has their own small group of 6-8 kids that they lead in Bible study and some kind of hands on activity. It's a great time of building friendships and diving into God's Word.

My small group has been studying God's creation. Our activity this week is "nature craft" so the girls found sticks outside and then they painted them. This week we will tun our painted sticks into a jewelry holder. The girls are so excited about these painted sticks!

I will post the finished product next week!

Square Peg Ministries

Kids Club & Blind Bartimaeus

Kids Club is going strong this fall at Square Peg Ministries. Every Friday at 4pm, Pre-K-4th grade kids join us for a time of praise & worship, a Bible story & activity. Last Friday we heard the Bible story of Jesus healing Blind Bartimaeus. We heard how Jesus is the light and like Blind Bartimaeus, we all walk in the darkness of sin. Jesus is the only one who has the light to heal our sin. Many kids prayed to receive the Lord. Our activity for the afternoon was making Blind Bartimaeus puppets! The kids did a great job with their puppets!

Eyes are shut...
Eyes are open! Bartimaeus is healed!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer 2011

This summer has been super fun and super busy at the apartment! Our summer programming has included our weekly VBS on Friday afternoons. Kids have enjoyed learning about the 10 commandments and how God has made them a Super Star! Also, this summer our apartment kids attend our summer camp Camp Rocks! Camp was the week of July 4th and we celebrated 10 years of Camp Rocks! Last Friday was our annual back pack giveaway and we handed out 100 filled back packs in 20 minutes! It was crazy! Lot's of smiling faces with their new back packs and supplies! Our summer is coming to a close as we wrap up our VBS these next two weeks and get ready to start homework help in September as well as our regular Kids Club and Mealtime programs. If you are interested in helping on Monday afternoons with homework help or Friday afternoons with Kids Club and Mealtime email for more details! It's amazing to see God's continuing provision and guidance through this ministry! He has these kids in the palm of His hands!

Square Peg Ministries

Friday, August 6, 2010

Backpack Giveaway 2010

Last Friday afternoon Square Peg Ministries handed out over 100 backpacks full of school supplies to kids in the Roswell community! Kids were lined up for 2 hours waiting for our door to open! They all had BIG smiles as they came in and picked out a backpack of their choice. A special thank you to everyone that donated to this project! We appreciate you!
Time to gear up for a new school year at homework help, kids club and mealtime!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kids Club This Summer & Back Pack Give Away

This summer in Kids Club we are taking a journey through the story of Joseph. Our kids are learning that God has a GOOD plan for their lives and that God has given them special abilities to serve Him! Two weeks ago Mount Paran North's 4th and 5th grade ministry called Transitions came to serve our kids in Kids Club. Below is a video:

Back Pack Give Away 2010! Friday, July 30: That's Tomorrow!
Every child that signs up for our fall programs (homework help and kids club/mealtime) will receive a backpack filled with school supplies!
How Can You Help?
1. Click the "Make a Donation" button on the right to give a monetary gift to help us buy supplies to fill our book bags!
2. Reply to this post if you would like volunteer at our giveaway tomorrow. We will need all volunteers to serve with us from 3-5:30 tomorrow afternoon.
3. Pray for our fall programs. Pray that God would guide our leadership. Pray that God would continue to bless and give favor to this ministry and that the work that we are doing would bring Him glory. Pray that God would change hearts this school year and that kids would fall in love with Jesus.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Briselda ...

If you have been around any of kids, well, you know Briselda. She is a pistol!

Briselda will probably be running the country one day if we don't watch out (or at least maybe Camp Rocks!). This tween is full of personality. She is quite intelligent and resourceful as well, which she needed this year as her family has gone through some serious drama. Being raised by a single mom while her dad is in jail is trying enough. She has also moved and had to deal with several things way beyond her maturity level this year!

Camp, among other things, is the place where Briselda can feel safe to be herself. She doesn't have to worry about the issues concerning her at home. She is free to focus on having fun & learning about God.

Will you consider sponsoring Briselda to come to Camp Rocks! with us this summer? Your dollars can have a direct affect on eternity!

Please think about sponsoring Briselda for Camp Rocks! this year.
Online donations are easy and made possible through Paypal. Donations via check may be made payable to Square Peg Ministries - PO Box 2342 - Roswell, GA 30077. All donations are tax deductible.

Most importantly we hope that you'll pray for Briselda & for Camp Rocks 2010!

Alexis ...

Can you tell that Alexis had a great time at Camp Rocks! last year? HE absolutely loved it!

From archery to field games to water adventures to camp-out night, Alexis thrived. He comes from a family where Jesus is not King, and we were so happy to be able to show and tell Alexis that Jesus is the One and Only Savior of the world. We know that all his problems don't go away the minute he returns home from camp, but we know that he heard that Jesus is the source of the answers.

The Gospel is actually presented several times at camp - in both large & small group settings. We pray that Alexis will truly understand how much his heavenly Father loves him.

Can you help us to reinforce that message once again at camp for Alexis this year?

Please think about sponsoring Alexis for Camp Rocks! this year.
Online donations are easy and made possible through Paypal. Donations via check may be made payable to Square Peg Ministries - PO Box 2342 - Roswell, GA 30077. All donations are tax deductible.

Most importantly we hope that you'll pray for Alexis & for Camp Rocks 2010!